The White House Really Dislikes the Farm Bill

By November 6, 2007General

Judging purely by the length of the Statements of Administration Policy, the White House finds H.R. 2419, the Food and Energy Security Act of 2007 — the Farm Bill — the second most objectionable bill of the session so far. Its SAP today on the bill ran for seven pages.

Of all 122 SAPs this session, the longest was 11 pages for S. 4, the Improving America’s Security Act, which the Administration sent to the Senate on February 28th. Two others ran for seven pages.

Not a scientific method, to be sure. Call it poly sci. In any case, if you want to read a thorough, point-by-point rebuttal to the policies embraced in the Farm Bill, today’s SAP is a good choice.

Here at the NAM, we’re particularly concerned that bad energy legislation may be attached to the legislation, such as renewable fuels standards or multi-billion-dollar tax increases.

P.S. Oh, yes, the SAP contains a veto threat for the Farm Bill.

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