The Week Ahead: The Week of November 12

By November 12, 2007General

Congress is out today, as is the NAM, celebrating the 1918 abdication of Kaiser Karl of Austria-Hungary.

The death tax as a Congressional topic revives this week — about time — with a hearing in the Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday. Warren Buffett will be on hand to complain about not being taxed enough. (Nothing’s stopping you from writing a check to the Treasury, Sir.) Testifying on behalf of the National Association of Manufacturers and family-owned businesses everywhere is Eugene G. Sukup, Chairman of the Board, Sukup Manufacturing of Sheffield, Iowa.

The House enters into legislative business at noon Tuesday, with 35 bills (!) on the suspension calendar. They praise, they condemn, they ban the export of mercury (H.R. 1534). Expected for floor action are H.R.3915, mortage reform and the conference report on Head Start. Also possible: Debate on a $50 billon short-term war spending bill and conference reports for DOD and Transportation appropriations. The schedule for the week is here.

The Senate convenes at 10 a.m. Tuesday and considers the nomination of Robert Dow to be a district judge in northern Illinois. More expensive amendments expected on H.R. 2419, the farm bill; the Statement of Administration Policy (cough, veto, cough) is here. The schedule of committee hearings is here.

House hearings: Let’s highlight useful activity by the House Small Business Committee — On Wednesday, the full committee holds a hearing, “Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404: New Evidence on the Cost for Small Companies.” At 10 a.m. Thursday, the committee holds a hearing on the Regulatory Flexibility Act. Elswhere…

A House Judiciary subcommittee holds a hearing on holding foreign manufacturers accountable for defective products, you know, toys.

Senate hearings: Energy and Commerce considers the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act, 30 years on, at a Tuesday hearing. Also Tuesday, Environment and Public Works ponders S. 2191, the Lieberman-Warmer climate change control bill. (Hearing details here. Another hearing Thursday.) Wednesday, Senate Banking holds a hearing on foreign government investments in the United States. That morning Banking considers shareholder rights and proxy access. (Scroll down for more details.)

The Senate Health, Education and Labor Committee holds a hearing Thursday on the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Subcommittees from the Senate Health, Education and Labor and the House Education and Labor hold a joint hearing Thursday on recent decisions and the adjudication process at the National Labor Relations Board.

Elsewhere, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson travels to Tanzania, South Africa, and Ghana. That IS elsewhere, isn’t it?

Finally, it’s a big week for the Cato Institute. On Wednesday in D.C., Cato sponsors its 25th Annual Monetary Conference, with Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and Yi Gang of the People’s Bank of China speaking. And on Capitol Hill Thursday, Dan Ikenson of the Center for Trade Policy Studies and the NAM’s Frank Vargo discuss U.S. manufacturing in a global economy. Frank is just back from Japan and China, so has some fresh perspectives.

Oh, yes. Welcome back NAM President John Engler.

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  • Erich Riesenberg says:

    Are you stupid or intentionally lying? The constant call for Buffett to make a voluntary contribution to the US Treasury is tedious. Pay attention. What he is saying is he is tired of other people covering the taxes of the super rich. His payment of some other billionaire’s taxes will not only fail to solve the problem, but even he does not have the trillion dollars to pay for the war in Iraq.

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