Robert Novak on Taxes

By November 27, 2007Taxation

Just because we find Novak agreeably disagreeable. And his take on taxes, at least here, is more visceral than Seib’s or Kudlow’s.

From his online chat Monday at the Washington Post.

Toronto: Good afternoon. Why is there such an aversion to paying taxes among conservatives — how else can a country maintain the infrastructure and services necessary for long-term prosperity?

Robert D. Novak: If you enjoy paying taxes so much, you’re more than welcome to pick up mine as well. I think the Treasury would take a check from a Canadian.

A little later:

Maryland: Actually the fellow from Toronto had a good question, which you didn’t really answer. Why do you think that we can cut taxes and run a real war against terrorism at the same time? At some point, someone has to pay for the several trillion that we have spent on the war and will be spending in the future. Isn’t it selfish and short-sighted to put that burden on our children and grandchildren when we can afford to pay the taxes to cover the war now, but just don’t want to do so? You certainly can afford the taxes, but don’t want to pay. It is just that simple.

Robert D. Novak: Let’s be candid. People like you a) always want to raise taxes and b) want to use taxes to redistribute income.

And then…

Re: Toronto and Maryland: You still aren’t answering the question. How can the United States pay for the war on terror, as it is currently being fought, without raising taxes?

Robert D. Novak: By cutting all government spending.

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