Report from Japan: Travels and Export Controls

By November 1, 2007Trade

JE_Travel_Blog_Japan.jpgFinding a moment to look back on the first, whirlwind day in Japan for members of the NAM trade delegation. The highlights:

  • A stop at Sony’s new world headquarters, including an advance look at some of the latest, remarkable products – a testimony to the value of private-sector research and development.
  • A visit to Honda’s headquarters.
  • A trip on a bullet train slicing through the mountains between Tokyo and Nagoya.
  • Yet perhaps the most insightful points in the day arose in a non-descript office building in Tokyo during a one-hour discussion at CISTEC (the Center for Information on Security Trade Controls) about the impact of U.S. export control policy on Japanese companies. CISTEC’s representatives – including Toshiba, Fujitsu and Hitachi – impressed upon us the need to overhaul the U.S. export control systems in order for them to expand business in the states (that is, to create more U.S. jobs). Modernizing the nation’s export controls system is a major goal of the NAM, and it’s impressive to find allies in the cause halfway around the globe.

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