Report from China:

By November 8, 2007Infrastructure, Trade

chinaTravelBlog7.jpgThe ACTPN* delegation has just arrived in Shanghai, often called the New York City of China. With a population of 13.6 million (plus 4.2 million, long-term internal immigrants), you can understand the comparison.

On the drive in, it wasn’t the density of the population of the neighborhoods off the highway that was most striking, but rather the number of container trucks racing along the road — clear evidence of Shanghai’s prominence as China’s center for trade. With $64 billion in exports during the first half of this year, Shanghai ranks at or near the top of the list of busiest seaports in the world (Rotterdam and Singapore lay claim to having the busiest port, as well).

Tomorrow, we’ll travel to the new Yangshan deepwater port to observe the activity and study the infrastructure.

* Advisory Committee for Trade Policy Negotiations

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