Report from China: Yangshan Deepwater Port

By November 13, 2007Infrastructure, Trade

[A dispatch from over the weekend.] yangshan%20view.jpg

The ACTPN delegation headed toward what, in 2003, was a virtually unknown island of 3,5000 residents in the East China Sea. Today this island is the home of the Yangshan deepwater port, the third largest port in the world. The Chinese took just four years to construct a massive port off the mainland and develop a 30.5 km (19 miles) bridge and connecting the two. (Here’s a photo of the bridge.)

To provide perspective on Yangshan’s size, let’s look at its progress: In 2003 it was a small island of 3,500 residents. The population was relocated and in their place is a port that will move 7.5 million containers (TCUs) this year.

The volume dwarfs America’s largest port, the Port of Long Beach, which moves 1.5 million TCUs/year and illustrates how China’s preparation for moving goods as global trade expands. Yet they’re only just beginning: By 2020, when its fourth and final phase is complete, Yangshan will move 15 million TCU/year, making it the world’s largest port. Where will America’s infrastructure be in 13 years?

More photos: 1. A view of the port. 2. Ship loading.

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