Report from China: Infrastructure and Chengdu

By November 6, 2007Infrastructure, Trade

chinaTravelBlog7.jpgThe critical importance of infrastructure as a foundation for U.S. competitiveness has really been brought home during our trip to China. As we leave Beijing for Sichuan Province, I am struck by the astronomical development of the city over the past decade. It has been nearly that long since I was last here, as Governor of Michigan, and not one buildings in which we had meetings this week existed back then.

Beyond that, I don’t think any of the roads we took to reach the buildings existed, at least in their current state. According to one senior administration official, the roads and highways built in China over the past 10 years are equal to America’s entire interstate highway system.

Speaking of developing, we’re wheels-up to Chengdu, the teeming manufacturing city of nearly 11 million people. The city’s high-tech industrial development zone is home to many manufacturers, including Alcatel, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Motorola, NOKIA, and SAP, as well as China’s Lenovo.

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