Report from China: Escape the Great Wall of I-495

By November 5, 2007Trade

chinaTravelBlog7.jpgOn of the most important challenges facing politicians living in Washington is to “get outside the Beltway.” The area of I-495 encompassing Washington comprises policymakers, lobbyist, government workers and hundreds of thousands of others involved in the legislative process. But to see how these laws have a real impact, you need to venture out into the states.

Throughout our meetings in Beijing, the same message has been conveyed to the ACTPN delegation. From James Fallows with The Atlantic Monthly to Yi Gang, Assistant Governor of the Peoples Bank of China, the message has been “get out to the provinces and see the manufacturing process in action.” This is exactly where we’re headed today as our delegation lifts off at 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday for Chengdu to visit an Intel plant and a U.S.-Chinese pharmaceutical joint venture (many sectors, such as pharma, cannot enter China wholly owned and instead must develop a joint venture with a Chinese partner).

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