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From the AP story on Dominion’s proposal for an additional nuclear power unit in Virginia:

Dominion’s application is opposed by several environmental groups. They say another reactor is unnecessary at a time when utilities should be exploring alternative energy sources, and would present a new target for terrorists.

“We are opposed to this plant for a variety of reasons,” said Glen Besa, Appalachian regional director for the Sierra Club.

Besa said the concerns range from the increased water temperatures at Lake Anna to nuclear waste disposal and safety risks.

“The whole revival of the nuclear industry is just one accident away from being shut down again,” Besa said.

For a more thoughtful discussion of nuclear energy, one not assuming that energy and humanity are evils to be defeated, please consider the recent Heritage Foundation papers by Jack Spencer, “Congress Should Not Overlook Benefits of Nuclear Energy,” and “Competitive Nuclear Energy Investment: Avoiding Past Policy Mistakes.” Merci, Jack.

And the words of Vaclav Klaus seem relevant:

I welcome it when people protect the environment, that too is necessary for life. But this absolutism, this fundamentalism, yes, this essentially religious view that dominate the debate – all of this puts the earth ahead of mankind, and I can’t accept that.

Amen to that.

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