Ozone Rules Would Hit Even Rural States

By November 26, 2007Energy

And ethanol production, too. From the Sioux Fall Argus-Leader:

Business leaders are raising alarms about a plan that could put South Dakota in violation of the air quality standard for ozone.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in June proposed to tighten the standard on the maximum allowable level of ozone in the atmosphere. Ozone is a gas that forms naturally and from industrial emissions, and can damage the lungs and exacerbate diseases such as asthma.

The EPA’s most aggressive option for the new ozone standard would put all of South Dakota into violation, said Brad Schultz, a senior scientist at the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Pierre.

Governor Mike Rounds wrote the EPA in October alerting the agency’s to the impact on South Dakota.

The South Dakota Chamber of Commerce notes that increased ethanol mixing in fuels is tied to greater ozone concentrations. How strange it would be for one part of the government — well, actually, lots of the federal government, e.g. the USDA and Department of Energy — to promote alternative fuels while another, the EPA, discourages it.

The NAM has additional information on the misguided and scientifically questionable ozone proposals at www.nam.org/ozonetoolkit.

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