On Veterans Day, Honor and Employment

By November 11, 2007Manufacturing Institute

recruitmilitarylogo.gifManufacturers are keenly aware of the sacrifices made by America’s veterans. In addition to honoring their great efforts, manufacturers also recognize that the men and women serving today have much to offer the nation in the future.

Today’s typical soldier, sailor, airman, Marine, or Coast Guardsman or Guardswoman combines outstanding personal traits such as leadership, personal initiative, and self-discipline with a strong educational background and excellent training.

The National Association of Manufacturers and RecruitMilitary are working with NAM’s member companies to offer employment to these high-skill workers. For employers, participation in the NAM’s initiative is a way of saying to military veterans, “Thank you for your service and sacrifice.”

It is also very good business. Many of these men and women work in military occupations that have easily recognized civilian counterparts — for example, “Machine Operator and Precision Work” and “Engineering, Science, and Technical.” Individuals who have served in combat roles in the military make excellent leaders in corporate America. To learn more about this partnership, please visit our website at www.nam.org/recruitmilitary.

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