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By November 15, 2007Innovation

NAM’s Peggy Ireland volunteered again this year to report back from her journeys into the land of innovation and consumer electronics, and we gladly took her up the offer. Last January Peggy — a Capital area veteran of things computeresque spent four days in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show. There’s so much to cover that this year she’s decide to get a jump on January’s 2008 international CES by attending this week’s media preview in New York City.

Knowing how interested manufacturers and others are interested in gadgets, gizmos, breakthroughs and innovations, we’ll let Peggy provide a full report:

With 140,000 attendees expected and over 2,700 exhibitors the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the largest tradeshow in North America. And I can tell you from experience there is so much to see it is almost overwhelming. With thoughts of preparing for what I am going to see this January and an ulterior motive of generating a fabulous holiday gift list for myself, I headed for the Official Press Preview of the International CES in New York on Tuesday.

Convergence has been a major theme in the IT world where I live and in the consumer electronics industry for some time now. Today was no exception as the Consumer Electronics Association’s (CEA) market research experts talked about a “360 degree solution” referring to the convergence of content, services and devices?

Can you imagine software that connects your cell phone to your home appliances, your security devices, your computer peripherals and other devices in your home? PUCC (Peer-to-Peer Universal Computing Consortium) is a non-profit organization composed of twenty-five member companies and Japanese universities, who has developed common overlay network technologies to seamlessly connect various devices and networks. I am told that consumers in Japan are already using this technology. Hmmm, perhaps, by the time I take my next trip to New York City, I will be able to call home to Washington, DC and have dinner ready for my return or at least a fresh cup of coffee.

There’s lots more to review, so to read Peggy’s complete report, please click here. Among the products and companies Peggy talks about are:

  • US Telematics’ Vivee, Voice Interactive Voice Enhanced Email
  • Voxred International LLC
  • Callpod
  • CyberLink
  • Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.’s ScanSnap S300 Document Scanner
  • Vestalife Inc.’s Ladybug
  • Able Planet’s Sound Clarity wireless headsets
  • Twenty20’s “VholdR” camcorder
  • RCA Small Wonder digital camcorder
  • Wildcharge Inc.
  • SentrySafe secure drive
  • Simplay Labs, LLC
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    • Caryl says:

      I’ve been excited for quite a while about the convergence of technology in the home. My concern is the cost. It’s still too expensive for me to get data access on my cell phone, or a wireless broadband card for my laptop. Not that individually $59/mo is excessive, but factor in the cost of gas and other living expenses, it becomes a “really want to have” but not on the “need” priority list.

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