Indiana: Rewarding Research and Innovation

By November 13, 2007Innovation

Catching up on Hoosierdom, we see that Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels has announced the Dr. Philip E. Nelson Innovation Prize to recognize outstanding Indiana scientists for unique discoveries, research and inventions. The prize — and a $5,000 award — is named after the Purdue scientist who received the 2007 World Food Prize in October for his achievements in the field of food processing. Nelson advanced the aseptic process of storing fruits and vegetables to prevent post-harvest spoilage.

From the governor’s news release:

Daniels said the Nelson Innovation Prize will recognize a Hoosier scientist whose work goes beyond pure scientific research and leads to the creation of products or processes that revolutionizes industry, inspires further scientific inquiry, and improves the quality of life. Recipients will be scientists with a unique combination of intellectual curiosity, scientific expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Glad to see scientists and researchers receive such high-profile public honors, inspiring — we hope — future generations of innovators. At $5,000, the award is not enough to spark competition — like the $10 million X prize for private spacecraft or 100-mpg vehicles — but it certainly represents serious recognition…and appreciation.

Would sure like to see more honors of this kind.

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