How a $10.50 Adjustment Became a Legal Outrage

By November 14, 2007Briefly Legal

A first-person account from Soo Chung and husband Jin Nam, owners of the drycleaners that (former? one hopes) Administrative Law Judge Roy Pearson sued for $54 million. From Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine:

Why do you think he asked for so much money?I think it was his way of making money. It was a get-rich-quick type of scheme.

He also ran a campaign to hurt your business, didn’t he?
To get neighborhood residents to support him, he put out fliers near the cleaners defaming us. He also came to our house and asked for computer records.

Donations covered your legal costs. Why did you sell the business?Some people stopped using our cleaners because of the court case. It was very stressful for the more than two years the case dragged on. It affected us financially, and we couldn’t take it anymore.

There are many, many small-business owners who can tell similar stories of legal abuse, employers who became the subject of obsessive litigation. At least one of these stories is being told, helping the public understand the real, human costs of lawsuit abuse.

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