House Agrees to U.S.-Peru Trade Pact, 285-132

By November 8, 2007Trade

H.R. 3688 just passed, the legislation that implements the U.S.-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement.

We’ll post the roll call as soon as it becomes available.

UPDATE (11:30 a.m.) The roll call vote is available here.

Democrats: Yea, 109 — Nay, 116 — NV, 8
Republicans: Yea, 176 — Nay, 16 — NV, 8

From the NAM’s news release:

Jay Timmons, NAM senior vice president for policy, issued the following statement on the successful House vote:

“Manufactured goods make up two-thirds of America’s exports, and every new trade agreement we pass ensures increased market access and job creation for America’s manufacturers. The strong bipartisan support for this vote today shows that Congress is fully aware of the economic benefits of free and open trade.

“I commend Speaker Pelosi, Chairman Rangel, Republican Leader Boehner, Ranking Member McCrery and the entire House leadership for working diligently to ensure this trade agreement reached the House floor and benefited from today’s strong vote of support.

Having taken this important step today toward leveling the playing field for U.S. exports, I urge members of the Senate to stand with the more than 6,000 American manufacturers that export to Peru and ratify this agreement without delay.”

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