Good Luck, Al Hubbard

By November 28, 2007Economy

President’s top economic advisor stepping down.

Mr. Hubbard joined the White House as director of the National Economic Council following Mr. Bush’s 2004 re-election. At the time, the White House had high hopes for overhauling Social Security, transforming the tax system and curbing litigation. But little of that agenda came to pass. The Social Security plan, which would have given people more responsibility for their retirement money, proved unpopular with lawmakers of both parties.

“I guess [in] basically every initiative I’ve worked on, we’ve made progress, but unfortunately we haven’t gotten it across the goal line for the most part,” he said.

Good projects for everyone to keep working on.

Being a Hoosier — and Indiana being a manufacturing-heavy state — as well as experienced in the world of regulatory reform, Hubbard had a role in keeping manufacturing on the President’s agenda. So thanks for that and best of luck.

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