From Corpus Christi, Energy!

By November 16, 2007Energy

Here in Corpus Christi this morning after an afternoon in Houston yesterday, courtesy of the American Petroleum Institute*, which is hosting a bloggers’ tour. Started with a briefing on technology, investments, seismographic exploration and alternative energy sources at Chevron. Today features a trip to the Blind Faith platform, under construction for deployment later as a deepwater platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

We’ll download** later, but Ed Morrissey of Captain’s Quarter liveblogged the briefing yesterday here and here.

* By courtesy of API, that mean it’s on their dime. API is an industry trade association, the NAM’s an industry trade association, we share the same general policy goals (hard to think of a difference right off) and often work together, but if you want a disclaimer, this is it.

**Download? We meant write about. And post some photos.

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