Friday Follies, The Canadian Grey Cup Edition

By November 23, 2007Friday Follies

So if Canada’s Thanksgiving is the second Monday in October, is today not their Vendredi Noire? And do they start playing Christmas carols all that much earlier in the stores?

That way lies insanity, eh? So instead we’ll just celebrate Sunday’s Grey Cup, the Canadian Football League championship game in Toronto. It’s a big deal for the Prairie Provinces; for the first time in the competition’s 95-year history, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are facing the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

For Friday’s Follies, then, we join vicariously in the SCTV Tribute to John Candy hosted by Dan Akyroyd, part of the week of Super Bowl-like festivities.

The embedded clip is John Candy and Eugene Levy as the Schmenge Brothers performing their classic, “Cabbage Rolls and Coffee Polka.” That’s funny but even better is their interview with the back then still-good-humored David Letterman, talking about their retirement and touching, just briefly, on their scandalous relationship with the Lemon Twins. And here, wonderful highlights from their original TV variety show, with special guest star, Linsk Minyk.

But to avoid any doubt about our sporting loyalties, here’s Jonathan Coulton singing “Curl,” with the classic verse.

His team is there and ready
Though the coffee’s warm, their breath hangs in the air
They hit the ice
No one’s there to see it
There’s no press or paparazzi and that’s OK
But it’d be nice if someone noticed
That they’ve all been working hard
Pushing these rocks around
Trying to gain some ground
Got the keep the Canadians down
And all they got to do is curl

Go Roughriders!

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