Friday Follies: The 10 Most Addictive Flash Games

By November 9, 2007Friday Follies

portal2.jpgShoot zombies? Defeat invaders who move across your desk? Avoid crashing your helicopter?

Hey, it’s all in a day’s work, or rather, a day’s no work, thanks to online Flash games.

CNET UK, the online computer publication, has collected the top 10 most addictive games that use Flash software for their active content. You’ve got some old favorites — Yeti penguin-batting — and Japanese bizarreness — Neopets Hassee Bounce, and a few that were new to us, like Portal (depicted in the embedded graphic).

Thanks to Jonah Goldberg for the link, part of his tireless campaign to encourage office timewasting.

To play the Flash games, start here.

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