Friday Follies: Leningrad Cowboys

By November 16, 2007Friday Follies

Oh, those wacky Finns. Here is the Finnish rock group, the Leningrad Cowboys, in 1994 performing Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” with the Red Army Choir.

Gee, what’s next? Finnish tango?

Actually, here’s what’s next: Leningrad Cowboys doing the Lou Reed ballad, “Perfect Day,” a classic tune of regret and self-loathing turned into a heavy metal romp (with a drumming homage to Reed’s “Hey, Jim.”) Very, very silly.

By the way, we’re sensitive to the appalling trend of Commie Chic — especially with the commercialization of the sociopathic murderer, Che Guevara — but this is the post-Soviet Red Army.

With accordions.

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