For All the Smog in China

By November 6, 2007Trade

James Fallows of The Atlantic Monthly follows up on our Franco-Sino running contest, noting (with photos) that the day the NAM’s J.P. Fielder went running in Beijing — November 3 — was actually a sparkling, beautiful day.

Small world dept: He was running along (a different part of ) the very same road shown in the blue-sky picture above, within an hour or so of the time I took it. Which means — something, maybe that there is stuff in the air even when it’s blue.*

The * takes us to this note:

*Small world #2: The runner is a young man named J.P. Fielder, who was with a visiting delegation from the National Association of Manufacturers. When I happened to meet him yesterday at a discussion session, he looked very much like a healthy 20-something specimen training for his next marathon, which I gather he is doing. He just won’t do much more training here, I’m guessing.

Fallows devotes quite a bit of space to the incredible pollution problems in Shanghai — his previous home — Beijing and China, generally. The horrible air pollution poses a serious threat to the Olympics.

Thanks, James.

UPDATE (1:30 p.m.) Tennis players also gasping for breath:

MADRID (Reuters) – World number one Justin Henin is concerned about pollution levels at next year’s Olympic Games after withdrawing from a tournament in Beijing earlier this season because she suffers from asthma.

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