Five for Firing: Getting Rid of Bad NYC Teachers

Q: How many lawyers and consultants does it take to fire a lousy teacher in the New York City schools?

A: Too many.

From The New York Times:

The Bloomberg administration is beginning a drive to remove unsatisfactory teachers, hiring new teams of lawyers and consultants who will help principals build cases against tenured teachers who they believe are not up to the job. It is also urging principals to get rid of sub-par novices before they earn tenure.

At the center of the effort is a new Teacher Performance Unit of five lawyers, headed by a former prosecutor fresh from convicting a former private school principal who had a sexual relationship with a student.

A separate team of five consultants, including former principals, will work with principals to improve struggling teachers’ performance. In cases where the teachers fail to get better, the consultants will help amass the documentation necessary to oust them.

Unless, of course, school administrators catch one of these teachers eating french fries cooked in trans fats. Then they’re out on their ….

(Hat tip, Walter Olson at Point of

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