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By November 25, 2007Energy

NAM President John Engler appeared this weekend on the Detroit CBS affiliate’s interview program, “Michigan Matters.” Last week, host Carol Cain’s guest was Governor Jennifer Granholm.

To the non-Michiganders around here, it seems strange that Engler remains so prominently mentioned in the state’s media, and a favorite game is trying to get him to say bad things about the current administration. Doesn’t happen…

Cain provides highlights of the interview in her Free Press column today. Besides politics, the discussion turned to energy:

The future of nuclear energy: DTE CEO “Tony Earley is right when he talks about the need for more nuclear power. We’re excited about that. It’s clean.

“Frankly, the Bush administration has fallen short when it comes to this.”

On the 2008 presidential race: “We (NAM) don’t endorse candidates. But we have shared our thoughts on manufacturing with candidates in both parties.

“We need a strong energy strategy for our nation.”

DTE is DTE Energy.

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  • Ken says:

    The manufacturing guys over at Evolving Excellence are running a poll on which candidate would be best for manufacturing, and undeclared Bloomberg is right on top. The rest follows a more predictable pattern, at least from a management perspective. Which is also apparent in the “manufacturing issues poll” in the same post.



  • John Engler is the consumate politician. I can not say he never did anything good – he has. It has been my opinion, following him through his legislative and gubnitorial career, that he would emulate Faust to get his way. That is why I am suspect when he makes a proposition. We do need more neuclear energy. The way and where of it is what concerns me.

    By the way, it is not term limits that got us in trouble in Michigan. It is a governor that thinks like a socialist at times and at other times thinks she is a monarch who can hand things out to those she favors at the exspense of her surfs(taxpayers). Her minions in the legislature keep us from taking the required steps to effect a change.

    The need for change in how we do business has been there for a long time. A fool could see this coming. But, no one was willing to agrivate the lobbyists or disturb the status quo to make it happen.

    I think it will ultimately be the people of Michigan that will make things happen. The ones that are still here that is.

    Rose Bogaert. Chair
    Wanyne County Taxpayers Association, Inc.

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