Deep in the Heart of Texas: Rove Lauds Tort Reform

By November 30, 2007Briefly Legal

Karl Rove tells a Corpus Christi audience that Texas is a model for state tax reforms.

Former White House deputy chief of staff Karl Rove championed Texas lawsuit reform as a national success story and lauded local grassroots efforts to curb what he called junk lawsuits.

“We have shared common battles,” he observed, to thunderous applause from the crowd of business and community leaders gathered for the sold-out Bay Area Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse luncheon Wednesday at the Solomon P. Ortiz International Center. “I came down here to talk about our common foe — personal injury trial lawyers.”

The success of Texas’ malpractice reforms in attracting doctors back to the state has received the news coverage recently, but the laws have also improved the overall business climate.

Several contractors at the luncheon, including anti-lawsuit group board member Mike Scott, co-owner of H&S Constructors Inc., said the reforms have been good for business.

“We spend more time doing our job rather than defending frivolous lawsuits,” Scott said. “Our insurance rates have gone down.”

Rove said fewer lawsuits make Texas more attractive to business, growth and economic development.

“The legal reforms in Texas are a national success story,” Rove said.

That BOOM! you hear is the sound of plaintiff’s lawyers’ heads exploding.

And we wonder if Rove had anything to say about Dickie Scruggs’ indictment and the endemic corruption being revealed among the litigation abusers.

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