Countering Housing Decline with Increased Exports

By November 23, 2007Infrastructure, Trade

Big media week for Dyke Messinger, president and CEO of Power Curbers, a manufacturer of construction machinery in North Carolina. First, he leads a New York Times story on rising exports for U.S. companies (reprinted here in Alabama’s Times-Daily).

Then, on Wednesday, an excellent interview by NPR’s John Ydstie on how the negative effects of the housing slowdown has been offset by increased exports. Dyke reports his foreign sales are up 130 percent.

I’d like to think that our machines are becoming more and more accepted and they’re choosing ours over the competition. But let’s say it’s really more market-driven. The world’s coming closer together. There’s more infrastructure development. Countries are becoming more open, economies are more privatized, so the need to move people and goods and services is much more important. But also the dollar has been falling against most all currencies, but especially the Euro.

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