Cool Stuff Being Made: GE Locomotives

dramatic2.jpgCool Stuff Being Made travels the rails this week, or at least aspires to, as we head to Erie, Pennsylvania, and GE Transportation’s locomotive manufacturing plant. As GE’s website explains,

Right now, around the world, locomotives designed and built by GE are on the move, transporting products and people. At any one time, thousands of our locomotives are operating in more than 60 countries, from Australia to Zaire.

We built our first diesel-electric locomotives more than 80 years ago, In the years since, our locomotives have grown steadily in power and performance. We build new, remanufacture and modernize locomotives for purchase and lease, introducing unprecedented levels of customer productivity in both mainline and shortline service.

The Erie facility moves three locomotives through a day.

For all the central, historic role locomotives have played in American culture, it’s odd that their manufacturing and assembly are not more widely depicted. It’s heavy work, as we see in this 50-minute tour of the plant. And important to our entire economy. You have to think Thomas Edison would be proud.

Thanks, as always, to our friends at the Pennsylvania Cable Network for letting us spread manufacturing’s story.

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