Cool Stuff Being Made: Excel Modular Homes

By November 3, 2007Cool Stuff Being Made

excelhomes.jpgThis week we look at homes, the modular kind, constructed and sold by Excel Modular Homes of Liverpool, Pennsylvania. Ed Langley, the company’s president and CEO, gives us a tour of the operations starting with sales and moving through design and construction.

Langley stresses the high quality that accompanies home construction made in a controlled environment, including modifications that reflect the customer’s requirements and floor plans. Many options! Indeed, the company’s website does a good job of highlighting each step of the construction process.

Lots of construction techniques and philosophies that were new to us. And, it really is a good website with very detailed information — videos of a modular home being “set,” i.e., put in place, here, for example. The home goes up in hours!

The company employs about 315 people and ships homes to buyers from Georgia to Maine.

We thank the fine documentarians at Pennsylvania Cable Network for spreading the word about manufacturing — and making the video available to Cool Stuff Being Made. Thanks!

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