Bats out of Hell? We Can Work with Them

By November 25, 2007Energy

In Indiana, a pipeline deemed acceptable.

An interstate pipeline carrying natural gas across nine Indiana counties could adversely affect a bat, a plant and a salamander on endangered species lists, yet a federal agency Friday characterized the project as an “environmentally acceptable action.”

In the draft environmental statement released Friday by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, staff members recommended that Rockies Express East pipeline follow a list of 149 environmental-related measures should it receive approval.

In April, Rockies Express filed for a certificate of public convenience and necessity with the commission to operate the pipeline.

Good for FERC and the companies involved. Rockies Express is being developed by Rockies Express Pipeline LLC, a joint development of Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P.; Sempra Pipelines & Storage, a unit of Sempra Energy; and ConocoPhillips.

You can read FERC’s news release and materials here.

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