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By November 30, 2007America's Business

Americas Business with Mike Hambrick“America’s Business with Mike Hambrick” this week spotlights some issues of paramount importance to U.S. manufacturers – energy costs and environmental regulations.

There is energy legislation moving through Congress that could put a dent in American pocketbooks and threaten millions of jobs. David Montgomery, vice president of CRA International, will join Mike to talk about his group’s recent survey of the legislation’s economic impact.

“By 2030 we estimate that the change in the standard of living of the average U.S family due to this legislation would be the equivalent of a loss of about $1,700 in income,” Montgomery said.

American skies are bluer than they’ve been in decades under current EPA ozone regulations. EPA is ignoring this fact. The agency is proposing a more stringent ozone rule that will punish manufacturers who have already worked hard to cut emissions to meet the current standard, which is working quite well.

H. Sterling Burnett from the National Center for Policy Analysis will tell Mike why the EPA anti-smog proposal doesn’t make sense.

Other guests on “America’s Business with Mike Hambrick” include Bill Downey, president and chief executive officer of Kansas City Power & Light Co. and James Knott Sr., president of Riverdale Mills Corp. in Massachusetts.

Downey will talk about how his company reached a deal with environmentalists to build a new coal-fired electricity plant. And Knott will discuss how the falling value of the U.S. dollar isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it’s helped his wire mesh product company and other manufacturers boost exports.

Think all that Maine produces is lobsters? Todd French, chairman of Maine Built Boats, will tell Mike what his group is doing to promote the Pine Tree State’s centuries-old boat manufacturing industry.

In our regular segments, Renee Giachino of America Justice Partnership gives us the heroes and villains of tort reform battles and the NAM’s Hank Cox recalls the “The Way It Was.”

And the National Association of Manufacturers President John Engler gives us the last word when he talks about Peru and other recent trade pacts.

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