AFL-CIO: Government is the Voice of Us All

By November 5, 2007Labor Unions

Reuters finds a broad consensus about organized labor’s big plans if their political allies take over the White House, the Senate and the House in the 2008:

“It’s early to say but if the Democrats were to take the presidency,” as well as Congress, said Bill Samuel, legislation director of the AFL-CIO labor federation, “this could be an opportunity for historic change.”

Analysts say Big Labor will push for legislation to make forming unions easier, restrict free-trade pacts, raise corporate taxes and reform the creaking health-care system.

Make forming unions easier? That’s obviously a reference to the Employee Free Choice Act, which would eliminate private ballots in the workplace, replacing secret elections with “card check,” the signing of signature cards in a process that practically begs organizers to intimidate employees.

And “reform” of health care. What precisely does that mean? Here are two of the principles for health-care “reform” that the AFL-CIO has declared:

  • Everyone should have health care coverage, without exclusions or penalties.
  • While the market has an important role to play, our government—as the voice of all of us—must play the central role in regulating, financing and providing health care.
  • Hadn’t noticed that before: Government is the voice of us all.

    We read that statement of philosophy this way: Government = the people = the nation.

    Subtract individual freedoms.

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