When Drycleaners Strike Back

By October 9, 2007Briefly Legal

After all the pixels we’ve spilled on Judge Roy Pearson’s obsessive suit against his drycleaners, a mild attempt at psychic balance: From the New York Post, “Soiled Reputation“:

October 7, 2007 — An Upper East Side cleaner is suing a disgruntled customer who got his knickers in a twist over the service and plastered his gripes around the neighborhood – and on the Web.

Todd Layne Cleaners, which has filed a $100,000 defamation suit, won an injunction in Manhattan Supreme Court to prevent Evan Coyne Maloney from entering the store but failed to win a ban on his fliers that proclaim, “Todd Layne Cleaners SUCKS and IS OVERPRICED,” or shut his Web site, toddlaynecleanerssucks.com.

Evan Coyne Maloney? We recognize that name. He’s the author of the documentary, “Indoctrinate U,” about the squelching of free speech on college campuses.

Maloney says his speech is protected. Well, probably so, but what kind of adult engages in this kind of public tantrum against a merchant?

And he’s complaining after going to the same drycleaners for nine months? What, there’s only one cleaners on the Upper East Side? Bah.

Hat tip: Mickey Kaus, Kausfiles.

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