Vodcast: OMB Director Jim Nussle on SCHIP

By October 19, 2007America's Business, Health Care, Trade

The video podcast of this week’s “America’s Business with Mike Hambrick” highlights a real nuts-and-bolts interview with the newly confirmed director of the Office of Management and Budget, Jim Nussle.

The former eight-term Congressman from Iowa gives us the Administration’s point of view on current budget issues, including Congress’ failure to pass appropriations bills and the PAYGO or “pay-as-you-go” budgeting approach. PAYGO is fine, Nussle says, but not as an excuse for raising taxes: “We think PAYGO for taxes is a little bit perverse and doesn’t recognize that it’s really your money, it’s not the government’s money.”

Nussle also makes the Administration’s case for a limited expansion of the SCHIP children’s health insurance program: “Let’s make sure we’re delivering a quality product to kids that don’t have any other place to turn, but let’s not do it in a way that covers adults and people of middle income who have other alternatives or who for that matter are under private insurance right now.”

The NAM’s Hank Cox has the week’s news in the economy and manufacturing. (And our thanks to Hank for filling in for Mike Hambrick this week.)

NAM President John Engler closes with his “The Last Word” commentary, explaining how free trade agreements with Peru, Panama, Colombia and Korea can expand exports and help create good U.S. jobs.

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