Vodcast: Mike Huckabee

By October 6, 2007America's Business

We’re devoting this week’s video podcast — vodcast — of “America’s Business with Mike Hambrick” to an interview with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a Republican candidate for president. Huckabee has so much to say on policies that directly shape the U.S. manufacturing economy that he’s worth the attention. For example:

  • Huckabee on China: “If I were president you would see a much bolder, stronger and more adamant approach” to china to create the “kind of environment where our manufacturers can afford to thrive again.”
  • Huckabee on Manufacturing: ““This country has to see a restoration of manufacturing jobs because a country that can’t feed itself, fuel itself and fight for itself is a country that is only as free as the countries are willing to allow it to be that supply it their food, their energy or their manufactured weapons of defense.”
  • The vodcast does start with a quick summary of the top manufacturing and economic news for the week.

    “America’s Business” vodcasts feature shortened, dynamic highlights of each radio show and are released prior to the radio program airing. We’ll have the radio program available later in the day, and you can go to www.americasbusiness.org for more information.

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