Vodcast: Eshoo on Internet Tax, McCrery on Trade

By October 26, 2007America's Business, Taxation, Trade

On this week’s video highlights of “America’s Business with Mike Hambrick,” we hit two issues of pressing concern. November 1 marks the expiration date for the current federal moratorium on Internet access taxes, and Congress has yet to pass a final bill to deal with the issue. The House passed a four-year extension, and the Senate is going for a seven-year extension. Representative Anna Eshoo (D-CA), a leading advocate for a permanent moratorium, and she explains on the vodcast how a ban affirms the Internet’s critical place in our society and economy.

Representative Jim McCrery (R-LA) predicts the U.S.-Peru Free Trade Agreement coming to the floor of the House within the next few weeks, a “start, a slow start” toward acting on a total of four trade pacts. McCrery makes the case: ““People tend to think of trade as a zero sum game. If somebody gains, then somebody’s bound to lose. That is not the case. Trade is definitely a winner for both sides of the free trade agreements. The number of exports from both countries generally increase, which creates jobs in both countries. It is not a zero sum game.”

NAM President John Engler closes with his “The Last Word” commentary on the Internet tax moratorium.

For the full codcast and more NAM videos, please go to the NAM’s YouTube page. And you can download the file to a mobile video device or watch the vodcast on your PC by visiting www.AmericasBusiness.org.

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