Transparency — Good for Organized Labor, Too

By October 17, 2007Labor Unions

The Senate today begins debate on H.R. 3043, the FY2008 Labor-HHS-Education appropriations bill. The Senate version provides $605.5 billion in funds — $9.6 billion above the president’s requested spending, inviting a veto.

Unfortunately, the Senate majority is joining their House colleagues in proposing one cut amid all the increases, hitting the Office of Labor Managment Standards in the Department of Labor. We’ve written about the OLMS here and here. It’s the office that holds organized labor accountable for its activities, uncovering fraud and misspending.

Like the House version, the Senate appropriations bill cuts the OLMS budget by $2 million — a 4 percent reduction — from the 2007 level of $48 million. Spending on all the other DOL oversight offices would rise.

The NAM joined other business trade associations in sending a letter (copy here) to the Senate yesterday expressing support by an amendment by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to restore funding to the oversight office. Concluding paragraph:

Cutting the budget of OLMS will only serve to benefit union bosses at the expense of hard working, dues paying union workers. Again, we ask for your support of the Sessions amendment which would restore the much needed funding to OLMS so that this important agency can continue protecting America’s workers.

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