Tort Reform Successes: Florida Medical Malpractice

By October 24, 2007Briefly Legal, Health Care

Good to see that people’s efforts are achieving results, with the medical malpractice climate improving in Florida and more doctors willing to provide ob-gyn services. True, the improvements appear to be on the margins, but there is clearly a cause-and-effect relationship with the legislation that was passed. From the Sun-Herald:

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation reports that malpractice premiums have at least stabilized. The agency does a report each year on Florida’s medical malpractice market. The 2007 edition, released in late September, may have been the most encouraging in a long time.

Malpractice rates declined nearly 3.1 percent during 2006, OIR reported. While this may not sound like much, in past years Florida doctors could depend on a double-digit premium increase nearly every year. Some practitioners couldn’t find coverage at any price.

“This report shows that the Florida Legislature’s efforts to control these costs has been effective,” claims Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty said in a statement.

The other key signs of progress:

  • The Office of Insurance Regulation says Florida malpractice insurers are competitive with California and the other most populous states.
  • Seven new malpractice insurers entered the Florida market during 2006.
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