The Next Generation of Lawyers or Litigants?

By October 8, 2007Briefly Legal

The George Washington University student paper, The GW Hatchet, covers campus-area reaction to D.C. Administrative Law Judge Roy Pearson’s legal persecution of his drycleaners, the Chungs, for supposedly misplacing his pants.

Drycleaners near the university have updated their terms and policies to protect themselves against harassing litigation. The comments from a few students suggest the defensive actions are a smart move.

[Junior Lindsay] Brook, who said she has never paid more than $50 for a pair of pants, said she would not be surprised if a student at GW slapped a lawsuit on one of their cleaners.

“It kind of goes with the GW mentality of being entitled to more than you are,” she said.


Brent Jostad, a first year GW law student said he thought that Pearson’s case was “pretty ridiculous,” but wouldn’t be surprised if a similar situation repeated itself on campus.

“I feel like there are some people at GW who don’t really understand the way the world works,” Jostad said.

Not encouraging at all.

And, huh. College students take their clothes to drycleaners?

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  • william goldsmith, m.d. says:

    If Brook and Jostad are representative of the quality of considered, intelligent opinion and abstract thought among GW law students, GHUA.

    William Goldsmith, M.D.

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