The Murkiness of Labor Transparency

By October 22, 2007Labor Unions

Rick Berman at the Center for Union Facts brings us more news of Congress underfunding the Office of Labor Management Standards, the Department of Labor’s office for monitoring organized labor’s operations and financial disclosures. From The Examiner, an op ed, “Union friends in Congress slash watchdog agency’s budget“:

Within the last several weeks, the AFL-CIO’s second-in-command sent letters to major accounting firms asking that independent auditors give a more thorough going-over of corporations’ financial disclosures and stock options grants. The unions are for disclosure, and they mean business (or would that be “anti-business”?).

Yet at the same time, union-funded politicians in Congress are successfully pushing forward in their campaign to slash the budget for the Department of Labor agency responsible for overseeing how union leaders spend their members’ money. Think of this organization — the Office of Labor-Management Standards — as the SEC for unions.

OLMS provides important accountability of organized labor for the way union members’ dues are spent. The motivation behind cutting its budget seems — what’s the word? — transparent.

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