The Continuing Saga of Judge Roy Pearson

By October 10, 2007Briefly Legal

Why is the saga continuing, anyway? So wonders the DCist blog, linking to The Examiner’s coverage of the sharp-dressed litigant who sued his drycleaners for $57 million for supposedly misplacing his suitpants.

Just when we has stopped thinking about Judge Roy Pearson and his humiliating $54 million pants law suit for a second, the Examiner steps forward to ask the most important question of all: Why on Earth is Pearson still collecting a paycheck?

At the beginning of August, the panel that will ultimately decide Pearson’s fate sent the beleaguered judge a letter letting him know his job was in jeopardy, but stopped short of actually firing him. At the time, they indicated they would make a final decision in about a week. That was two months ago.

Scott McCabe at the Examiner says the the panel still needs to hold a meeting to give Pearson one last chance to argue his case for keeping his job, which pays him $100,000 a year and would last for a 10-year term should he be reappointed. If such a hearing has even been scheduled, officials are refusing to reveal the date to reporters.

Isn’t it time to call shenanigans on these guys? We know it’s difficult to fire a judge, but what’s the hold up with even holding the necessary hearing?

No doubt the judge wishes for the good old days when he was just leagured, but he’s beleagued now. Round here, we’re pretty gusted.

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