The Asbestos Revolution Eats Its Young

By October 10, 2007Briefly Legal

Jack Kananian, executor of the estate of Harry Kananian, has filed suit in the Court of Common Pleas, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, charging legal malpractice by Christopher Andreas and associated law firm. Kananian says Andreas induced him to settle an asbestos suit against Lorillard at a discount because of “negligent professional misconduct.” You can read the suit here. The Legal Pad blog has a post here. And you can see Andreas’ T-shirt here.

Meanwhile, last Thursday, the Senate voted via unanimous consent to pass S. 742, the Ban Asbestos in America Act. Future archeologists will determine that an entire class of society in America was devoted to propitiating the god, “As Bes Tos.” They will be puzzled.

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