Some Call Him the Space Cowboy

By October 1, 2007Dobbs Watch

James Wolcott at Vanity Fair profiles Lou Dobbs. Hard to tell, but we think it’s a positive review.

If Lou Dobbs were any more full of himself, the tub would overflow. In the autumn resplendence of his telecasting career, Dobbs’s self-regard, never meek or slender, has ripened into the pompatus of love. I am Lou, hear me moo, in numbers too big to eschew. It isn’t just that the ratings for CNN’s starship enterprise Lou Dobbs Tonight have been climbing while those of other cable news shows are being intubated, but that his force of personality and power of persuasion have elevated him to the status of a major public-opinion shaper—a heavy-lumber political slugger. If he were a Robert Ludlum hero, this chapter of his life could be called “The Dobbs Supremacy.”

Hat tip: James Taranto,, who cites the piece for his “metaphor alert” feature.

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