Sen. Sessions on Labor Accountability

By October 19, 2007Labor Unions

Senator Jeff Sessions’ floor statement on his amendment to restore funding for the Office of Labor and Management Standards was thorough and well-argued. (See this earlier post.) Notable point:

We are not, as a part of this amendment, and those who support this amendment, out to kick labor unions around. We are trying to make sure they comply with the law and ensure that the rank-and-file members have someone watching out for them and their money. It is clear from these statistics that there is still a need for oversight, sunlight, and transparency. That is clear. We have a problem out there and it still exists. It is painfully clear we need to be monitoring union officials who are taking bribes–and some have been convicted of that–who are involved in racketeering and stealing hard-earned money from working Americans.

As noted, the Sessions amendment lost yesterday on a 46-47 vote.

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