Report from Japan: Engler Calls In to WJR

By October 31, 2007Trade

JE_Travel_Blog_Japan.jpgNAM President John Engler called in from Japan this morning to the Paul W. Smith program on WJR in Detroit. The first half of the interview deals with global competition and the potential of the Doha Round of WTO talks. (The second half was unrelated Michigan politics, which Engler tends to steer clear of.) You can listen to the interview here in streaming audio. The background noise picks up toward the end; the Nagoya Train Station is a bustling place. Highlights of Engler’s comments:

“This is still the second largest manufacturing economy in the world, by a long shot. We have tremendous economic ties back and forth. There are a number of things that I think are important in that bilateral relationship, plus, they’re going to play a major, major role as a manufacturing nation in these Doha discussions that are under way, these talks that have gone on year after year after year. The Japanese presence at the table there is going to be critical, so we want to talk a little bit about that.”

Smith comments about protectionist sentiments here in the United States. Engler responds:

The one thing we know from our own economic history, from what lies ahead, we’re such a global economy in the United States today, so many of our major companies, shipping 50, 60 percent of the products they make in the U.S. out into the global marketplace, so it’s just a strategy that won’t work if we close the door and say we’re going to turn inwards.

There’s some talk about the MSU-UM football game. And there was an earthquake in Japan?

The NAM has a web resource section about Doha here.

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