Radiohead: Well, It’s Not Radar Love…

Jim Fusilli, the Wall Street Journal’s rock ‘n roll reviewer, waxed eloquent on Saturday (or whatever the digital version of “waxing” is) about Radiohead’s new “In Rainbows” album, which is getting lots of attention for its marketing. You can download the album from the band’s website — — and pay whatever you deem it worth.

We were also struck by a quote from one of the songs’ lyrics, “House of Cards”:

The infrastructure will collapse
Voltage spikes
Throw your keys in the bowl
Kiss your husband goodnight

This is the first direct reference to the word “infrastructure” we recall in a rock ‘n roll song. And is it using the 2003 East Coast blackout as a metaphor? Anyway, an expression of the Zeitgeist.

Meanwhile, for all you tax lawyers and theorists, consider the taxing model for a customer’s download of music for which the customer determines the prices. Makes Quill Corp. v. North Dakota seem quaint.

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