Nobel Peace Prize, 2007

By October 12, 2007Global Warming

Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, co-recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize.

No surprise. After all, the Peace Prize carries the moral weight and intellectual seriousness of the Live Earth concerts.

Will Gore use his prize money to buy carbon credits to offset his jet flight to Sweden?

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  • SS Verma says:

    Every one who is responsible for climate change knows his faults and responsibilities but without any practical thought to implement the controlling measure which can reflect their life style.
    Mouth propaganda (like politicians) particularly in underdeveloped countries always advocating to eliminate poverty but poor are getting poorer and rich are getting richer.
    Similarly climate change and its consequences are being taught/advocated to those who least contribute towards climate change through their simple life styles but no rules, no policies, no education, no awareness programmes, nothing is effective to control the people/countries who are mainly responsible for climate change due to their exploitng life styles.
    Need is to educate the educated people which is very difficult. I do not think, awarding Nobel peace prize-2007 for climate change awareness programme will make any effect on the menatlity of people/countries who are following the anti nature life styles to change their life styles. Sitting/ working in ac rooms and writing reports and articles and making plans is far away from fighting at the battle ground.

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