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By October 3, 2007Education and Training

A new report by the economic development grup, the Fort Meade Alliance, find that Maryland’s high schools and colleges aren’t producing enough mathematicians, engineers and scientists. “A confluence of factors has produced an expanding mismatch between labor supply and demand in Maryland’s defense, homeland security and government sectors,” says the report, covered today in The Examiner.

Steps are being taken. Maryland is one of five states participating in a national pilot project to increase the number of middle and high schoolers passing Algebra II, and in the process, is trying to standardize the math courses. The Maryland Business Roundtable for Education says that in the past, Algebra could even be a remedial math course depending on the district, the Roundtable’s Juen Streckfus says.

But if Maryland successfully sets standards for math classes across the state, companies could have greater faith in the abilities of prospective employees, she said.

To boost the rigor of classes offered, Baltimore County has begun eliminating low-level courses, offering more professional development for math and science teachers, and encouraging more middle schoolers to take algebra, said Joseph Hairston, Baltimore County schools superintendent.

If events are as portrayed, good!

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  • Richard Becker says:

    It is not only engineers that are not getting enough algebra! Or, geometry and trigonometry! It is required by direct labor people for programming the CNC machine tools to produce the components designed by engineers! Engineers have more important things to do that “babysit” employees and show them how to peroform their jobs is setting up CNC machines?

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