MI Planned Parenthood, Strong for Organized Labor

By October 24, 2007Labor Unions

The group Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan is warning against a right-to-work initiative that might be put on the ballot.

Now, we have no intention of getting into the culture wars around here, but feel safe in opining: “What the ….?”

Here’s the supposed nexus:

“Since so many Americans, and Michiganders for that matter, already have trouble accessing affordable reproductive health care because they don’t make enough money and don’t have health insurance, taking away the right to collectively bargain for benefits and pay for many of Michigan’s workers doesn’t make sense.

That seems to be your basic economic determinism, perceiving all aspects of society as defined by economic relationships. It’s a common-enough worldview on the Left, but rarely is it expressed in such concise bizarreness.

Anyway, how’s the economy doing there in Michigan, with that strong closed-shop law? Oh, a 7.5 percent unemployment rate?

(Hat tip: Jim Gray.)

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