Media Shield, Others Issues Ignored

By October 9, 2007Briefly Legal, Media Relations

We commented about the media’s narrow coverage of S. 2035, the Free Flow of Information Act, at the post, “Media Shield Law: The Rest of the Story.”

Bruce Kesler at the Democracy Project, who has written extensively on the legislation, adds more in “Federal Shield Law Shielded by the Media,” noting that other areas affected by the legislation have gone unreported. Kesler observes: “Journalists might be given more credence for self-claimed privileges if they demonstrated more care for the public’s true rights.”

The bill as it came out of committee is an improvement over previous versions, but we are still concerned about provisions that would make it easier for personal injury lawyers, disgruntled employees and those with criminal intent to steal and leak proprietary information. So, more work to do.

Hat tip: Instapundit.

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