Marlin Steel Wire: Small, but Savvy with the Media

By October 29, 2007Media Relations

Marlin Steel Wire Products is a small company, with just 18 full-time workers.

But President Drew Greenblatt is an expert at getting his company big play in the press.

Greenblatt and his company have recently been spotlighted in Washington Post Magazine, Fortune Small Business Magazine, and on the front page of the Baltimore Sun business section.

Greenblatt, whose Baltimore-based company manufactures made-to-order wire and hook products for Toyota, Chrysler and other customers, said other NAM members can easily duplicate his media savvy.

Many companies fear the press, thinking they are a bunch of sharks out to do a “gotcha” expose, a gregarious Greenblatt said after I visited his business recently.

“They think you’re Dan Rather from ’60 Minutes’ with a dorsal fin,” he said.

However, Greenblatt, whose company’s logo sports a leaping marlin fish, said it’s easy to hook reporters. Here’s how:

  • When reporters come calling be honest and forthright about your business prospects. “A lot of reporters find that refreshing,” he said.
  • Use real-person stories when playing up your company in the press. For instance, Greenblatt demonstrated Marlin Steel Wire Products is family-friendly by telling the story of one employee who is able to bring her child to work.
  • Develop long-term relationships with reporters. Greenblatt was able to get a story on his company in the August 19 Washington Post Magazine because the reporter had already done a story on the company. Greenblatt called her to talk about his company’s resurgence and ended up getting another story done on Marlin Steel Wire Products.
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