Lawyers Gone Wild, Again!

By October 5, 2007Briefly Legal

The Examiner continues its series on America’s skewed system of civil justice, AKA “jackpot justice” where the goal too often becomes a big payout for individuals and lawfirms, with wealth redistribution the end effect. This week in “Lawyers Gone Wild”:

  • Hard times descend on super-lawyer land
  • : The story of William Lerach and other “class-action pirates,” now found guilty of kickback schemes to solicit plaintiffs.

  • Tainted campaign donations will be kept, Democrats say.
  • With some exceptions.

  • Should Congress investigate the liabilities lawsuit industry? Yes, says Tiger Joyce at the American Tort Reform Association. Fat chance, suggests Walter Olson:
    [Such] a congressional investigation is unlikely, according to’s Walter Olson: “We now know that the most prominent and influential law firm in the class action business was crooked from the top down, and that this was an integral part of its business plan over a period of decades.”

    But Congress won’t investigate, Olson contends, because “some influential members of the majority in Congress assailed the prosecution when it was announced and must now be embarrassed, if they are embarrass-able at all, by the string of guilty pleas.”

    All the more reason, but yes, Olson’s probably correct.

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